Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas stuff

"Asculta" Week 1 Prologue from Peoples Church, Fresno on Vimeo.

I created several video prologues for Peoples Church's 2009 Christmas show, which spanned four weeks and four different eras of a man's life. This one played during the first week, and leads up to the birth of the protagonist. Probably few people would have picked up on this, but a montage sequence from Raging Bull provided the inspiration for these pieces. Yes, that's right, I referenced a Scorsese film in a church Christmas play. The music you hear is a recording of the live orchestral arrangement by Doug Holck, who wrote the show.

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Dean Christensen said...

This was, overall, the best church Christmas production I've ever seen. You did a great job with all the videos. I'm already looking forward to next (this!) year's production.