Tuesday, January 12, 2010


See what kind of tomfoolery I've been getting into with the church's announcement videos each week. This one played last Sunday.

Announcements 1.10.10 from Peoples Church, Fresno on Vimeo.

And no, there were no 3D glasses.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas stuff

"Asculta" Week 1 Prologue from Peoples Church, Fresno on Vimeo.

I created several video prologues for Peoples Church's 2009 Christmas show, which spanned four weeks and four different eras of a man's life. This one played during the first week, and leads up to the birth of the protagonist. Probably few people would have picked up on this, but a montage sequence from Raging Bull provided the inspiration for these pieces. Yes, that's right, I referenced a Scorsese film in a church Christmas play. The music you hear is a recording of the live orchestral arrangement by Doug Holck, who wrote the show.